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Masoom kids preschool

Rs. Minimum working capital of INR 5 lacs - INR 7 lacs


Rs. Minimum working capital of Rs. 17 Lacs - Rs. 25 Lacs


Rs. Minimum working capital of INR 10Lacs - INR 15Lacs


Rs. Minimum working capital of Rs. 5 lacs - Rs. 10 lacs

Canvas PreSchool

Rs. Minimum working capital of Rs.5 lacs - Rs. 7 lacs

Klub Fox

Rs. Minimum working capital of Rs. 20 Lacs

Smart School Junior

Rs. Minimum working capital of Rs. 3 L - Rs. 5 L


Rs. Minimum working capital of (A)-VLCC Centre - INR 70-75 L (B) - VLCC Salon - INR 30-35 L (C)- VLCC Slimming - INR 40-45 L

Me N Moms

Rs. Minimum working capital of INR 28 L - INR 35 L

Jawed Habib ( Hair & Beauty )

Rs. Minimum working capital of INR 15 L - INR 16 L

Little Millennium

Rs. Minimum working capital of INR 10 L - INR 15 L

Bachpan Play School

Rs. Minimum working capital of INR 12 L +

Millennium World School

Rs. Minimum working capital of INR 5 Cr.

Sportking Kidswear

Rs. Minimum working capital of INR 25 L - INR 30 L

U S Pizza Franchise

Rs. Minimum working capital of Model- (A)- Express - INR 10 L , (B) Delivery - INR 20 L (C) Dine - In - 30 L

The Chocolate Room

Rs. Minimum working capital of Model (A)- Kiosk - INR 10 L - INR 15 L , Model (B)- Compact - INR 25 L- INR 30 L (Model C)- Standalone- INR 50 L- INR 60 L

Kashana Fashion ( A Complete Womens's Fashion & Ethnic Wear Brand)

Rs. Minimum working capital of Model (A)- EBO - INR 10 L - INR 12 L , Model (B)- Shop In Shop - INR 3 L

Barista ( India's Leading Cafe Chain )

Rs. Minimum working capital of Model A (Diner )- INR 85 L - INR 1 Cr., Model B ( Cafe ) - INR 35 L- INR 40 L, Model C ( Kiosk ) - INR 10 L - INR 30 L , Model D ( Express / Express +) - INR 10 L - INR 12 L

Washtech Car Spa

Rs. Minimum working capital of INR 20 L - INR 22 L

Chaat OK

Rs. Minimum working capital of INR 7 L - INR 8 L

Autoz Spa

Rs. Minimum working capital of INR 10 L - INR 12 L

Junior Engineers

Rs. Minimum working capital of INR 2 L - INR 3 L ( Depend On Training Charges & Kits Cost )

Humpty Dumpty

Rs. Minimum working capital of Model A (Micro )- INR 13 L - INR 15 L ., Model B (Mini) - INR 19 - INR 20 L , Model C ( Mega ) - INR 30 L - INR 40 L

The Car Laundry

Rs. Minimum working capital of Model A (Neo)- INR 10 L -INR 12 L , Model B (Mini Store) - INR 15 L - INR 20 L , Model C (Exclusive Store) - INR 25 L - INR 30L , Model D (Semi Automatic ) - INR 40L- INR 50 L , Model E ( Automatic ) INR 60 L - INR 70 L

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    IT IS ALWAYS A SMART MOVE TO BE IN FRANCHISE PARTNERSHIP India, with a huge population, is one of those prime markets in the world today that serve enormous opportunities in franchising. In the last decade, the franchise model has turned out to be a very fruitful venture in all segments. If you want to be in the run of any growing business, franchise path is always a great option. commencing a brand new venture on your own takes a bulk of money and uncertainty. While having a franchise of a well-stabilized brand provides you with an already widespread market. And the icing on the cake is, you do not need a big amount to initiate the hunt. At a very nominal price, you can hold an enterprise. On the other hand, if you are already a giant in the market and want to expand your brand to the next level, nothing can be better than franchise route. You can stretch your growth at the desired speed even not being in the particular city. You can easily access from the distance so as to strike the very goal of reaching and maintaining customers under your established brand. It is a business pattern that can benefit multiple individuals. Hence, there are manifold advantages for all kind of business players. Let us have a glance at the benefits of having a franchise partner. Marketing advantage – Every franchise location tries the same marketing plans, which help to reduce the expensive work of initiating the business. You also have the help of advertisement funds from the brand. Low chance of failure- The risk of business failure is decreased by franchise way. Your business is based on an established system. You can review the success rate of other franchises before initiating your journey with the enterprise. You already have an established market for you. Therefore there will be no need for the market trial. Grooming expertise- A fresh associate carries a distinct planning and new approach with him in the business. Such kind of innovative people helps you to grow better in the future. Your business has an opportunity to be driven from a different perspective Profitable move- The franchise will not only create higher revenues than a manager in a similar location but will also keep a closer eye on expenses. As much as possible you spread your outlets, you stand with the more chances to be visited by your customers and that convert it into a profitable business move.
    Art Blend Cafe 11-Oct-2018
    Franchise as a concept is very popular these days and rightly so. Building a brand from scratch takes a lot of effort, money and time, while building business using an existing brand is comparatively easier and can be accomplished much faster. Art blend cafe started as a blend of artistic pleasure and culinary expertise. The founder has a vision to provide a cozy place for people of all ages to sit together, enjoy the activities, appreciate beautiful art and treat themselves with delicious food. Art is not limited to paintings either; as Art Blend Cafe hosts events with various forms of arts like dance, poetry, storytelling and other events along with art exhibitions or workshops making it a destination for cooking, visual arts, handicrafts, performing arts and literature. Hosting such events is just one part of the support to artistic community. The cafe not only celebrates various art forms but different cultural food items through food festivals, themed cooking and fusion. Being one of the very few pet friendly cafes in Bangalore, it is very popular among pet owners in the area. As a unique and successful cafe and business model, Art Blend Cafe has received many awards and accolades where the industry leaders recognize and appreciate the brilliance of model and the contribution it is making to Art forms including culinary arts. Prateeti shukla, the owner of Art Blend Cafe, is very excited about sharing her vision with fellow entrepreneurs who would like to take the concept to smaller cities and help the artistic talent from the corners of India reach a level where they can represent the culture of India. Of course, every business has the aspect of being profitable, however, a social and cultural aspect along with financial benefits makes the Art Blend Cafe franchise uniquely suitable for people from different interest areas to invest in it and promote it. The food industry is always growing and when you have a genuine interest in promoting art forms combining the two seems like the best solution. The benefits: 1. As a time tested unique business model along with strong brand name, it presents much higher chances of success. 2. The support provided for operations as well as marketing. 3. A strong community building and relationship program. 4. Quick return on investment. 5. Support with products along with training and management.
    Snazzy – One of the fastest growing female fashion chains in India. 04-Oct-2018
    Snzazzy is a brand specialized retailing and trading of Women Handbags & Footwear . Started in the year 2006. Snazzy has taken part in over 500 exhibitions and its first standalone store was started in 2014. Currently Snazzy has 4 standalone stores in the most buzzing streets of India. Sources :- https://www.snazzytrends.in/own-a-franchise?
    7th Heaven :- India's Ultimate Cake & Dessert chain 04-Oct-2018
    Kitchen Fragrances India LLP is an ISO Certified leading and trusted Manufacturer, Retailer and Distributor of dessert and bakery products in India.The company has been escalating at an incredibly rapid rate and has successfully opened 60+ retail outlets across 25 cities in India under the brand name of"7th Heaven". Having spent 7 years in the bakery industry. 7th Heaven maintains very high standards and operates with immense professionalism. Sources :- http://www.7thheaven.in/own-a-franchise?
    Little Millennium ;- best preschool chain in India with 600+ preschool centres 04-Oct-2018
    The Preschool has been recognized as the best Preschool in India, time and again. Little Millennium Play School has been at the forefront of bringing innovative products in the early child care and education space in India. Little Millennium is the best preschool chain in India with 600+ preschool centres across 100+ cities. Brand constantly looks for passionate business partners who are committed to build a long term business relationship with Little Millennium. Sources :- https://franchise.littlemillennium.com/?
    PrettySecrets:- India’s Fastest lingerie brand 04-Oct-2018
    Preetysecrets is the fastest growing lingerie brand in India. PrettySecrets is a comfort and design led Indian lingerie brand with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. Launched in 2011 by Karan Behal, PrettySecrets has established itself as a bold forward-thinking brand inspired by the women of today's India. Sources - https://prettysecrets.com/franchise?
    Natural salon - Naturals aims to create 3000 salons 04-Oct-2018
    Natural Salon - From 1 salon to over 580 salons across India, all it took was one woman's passion. This drove Naturals to become India's No.1 hair and beauty salon. At Naturals, brand believes in financial independence for women and have empowered 300+ women to become entrepreneurs in the past 17 years. Their dream is to create a housewife-free India, where women are encouraged to earn their living by pursuing their passion. By 2020, Naturals aims to create 3000 salons, empower 1000 women entrepreneurs and create 50,000 jobs, because there is no better style statement than standing on your own feet. Sources :- http://www.naturals.in/own-a-franchise/
    Juice Lounge –Brand is rapidly expanding its operation in India and Internationally 04-Oct-2018
    A unique Health & Juice Bar was co-founded by Manav Shital & Niti Agrawal in 2005. It quickly transformed itself from being a team of 5 employees to an organisation with a workforce of more than 200 employees. The remarkable journey of ‘Juice Lounge’ becoming a multinational brand with presence in over 6+ countries is due to its value system, franchise partners and millions of loyal consumers. Today, brand is rapidly expanding its operation in India and Internationally. Sources :- http://www.juicelounge.in/
    Millennium Education Management - Skilled & concept based learning 04-Oct-2018
    Millennium education management is a private limited company set up by highly skilled professionals who have the experience and expertise of running over 50 schools across the country. Millennium Education Management's expertise lies in building, operating and managing various kinds of schools in small & large towns and in not only providing curriculum but also the entire ecosystem of operating a school. Sources :- http://www.mempl.com/start-a-school
    Delicious Food With Clean & Clear Atmosphere 27-Feb-2018
    Our staff consists of experienced professionals who understand how to prepare and serve steaming hot, delicious meals, fresh bread and drinks in a clean and comfortable atmosphere. Our menu provides you with the mix of fresh seasonal ingredients, refined goods and the best recipes and techniques. We do our best to serve you delicious food. The Company shall do whatever required from its end to ensure the success of each and every outlet. The Franchisee shall have to act in strict adherence to ensure his own success.