Speedforce Franchise - Leading Two Wheeler Service Station Franchise Brand
Date : 19-May-2019


Speedforce...Now! Best automobile franchisee available with lowest investment and maximum return in the segment.

Speedforce a company having below different skill sets and working experience : -

(A)After sales service

(B) Networking

(C) Sales & Marketing

(D) Branding

(E) Accounts & Finance

Speedforce :- A Chain of Two wheeler service stations providing all kind of services according to market demand : -

(A) Periodic service

(B) Minor & Major repairs

(C) Accidental repairs

(D) Battery service

(E) Annual maintenance contract

(F) Pickup and drop

(G) Break down service

(H) Value added services

(I) Insurance service

Why Speedforce Franchise ?

(A) Unique Business model.

(B) Excellent margin.

(C) Standard Operating Procedures in all aspects of business.

(E) Regular Research and development on latest Services  .

(D)  Branding & Markeintg assistance from Brand side for increase the foot falls.

Bragnam - Leading Play school Franchise Business Opportunities
Date : 02-Mar-2019


What Bragnam is all about?

Bragnam,is actually a proto-Germanic word from which word “Brain” is derived thus giving life to it’s name it is a education initiative which promotes learning activities. Bragnam has forayed in the field of education as in the process of making kids innovative to creative by imparting quality education. Bragnam is also inclined to bridge the existing talent gap between education and Learning.

Bragnam has more than 100 branches all over India covering all the major cities and towns of India. Bragnam follows unique system of education like Montessori, Waldorf learning techniques. Trained and experienced trainers are hired to impart knowledge and education of highest standards. Bragnam provides ample opportunities to the students to excel their capacities from time to time.

According to Top 100 franchising in India 2017, Bragnam has been ranked as 25th as the “Top Business Opportunity in India”


What all Verticals are Bragnam working as on Date?

Bragnam is into three verticals that is Pre-Schooling, Abacus and Skilling.

Pre-schooling – Follows Montessori and Waldorf techniques of education. Unique and updated curriculum gives Bragnam an edge over other educators.Team Bragnam is taking care of all updations and methodologies throughout the world through its very qualified R&D Team.

Abacus - Abacus is mental development program of child,which makes kids develop there right brain thus giving them a learning edge by making learning easy. Mathematics becomes a child play for every student and calculations are faster than even calculator for them.

Skilling – Vision of our Honorable Prime Minister is supported by many skill development    organizations & Bragnam is also in very same league. Bragnam is working with NSDC and Various state skill development missions so as to promote skilling that is need of the hour today.

There are many brands in India, how does Bragnam Learning stands different among them?

Bragnam is providing education in a very different pattern. Here at bragnam we believe that quality is the foremost thing that matters the most of today’s learning. Bragnam emphasizes on practical training of students. The study module is so designed so as the requirements of the early childhood age.  At Bragnam, Learning is through different edutainment activities, we use Montessori and Waldorf methods of education in real sense. The faculties are very well qualified and trained who have to undergo training before starting training in there play ways.We also provide training to equip them with the latest concepts to technique of early childhood education.

 If considered in terms of investment Bragnam having the most reasonable franchise fee as in terms of back up and system that Bragnam is providing. Apart from regular studies kids are involved in various co-curricular and developmental activities like, sports, cultural activities, fests etc.


From how many years you are imparting education through your pre schools and are you willing to expand in other states?

Bragnam is in in its 6th year of operation and the team managing Bragnam Learning is having expertise in education working with various big education groups .Presently having a presence of nearing 100 Centers PAN India,Bragnam is looking to expand in regions where it is not present as on date so that students can take advantage of learning system in every part of India.


Where does Bragnam see itself in the coming years?

Bragnam is a fast growing name in the field of education. Bragnam does not count on the number of centers in-spite it works on the theory of quality. With only 5 years of existence Bragnam has set high standard in the field of education. Comparing with many similar brands Bragnam has grown very fast in response to delivery methodologies that Bragnam provides. In the coming years Bragnam is likely to be seen in every corner of India. We wish to educate every village of India.

Car Cleaning and Detailing Franchise Business Opportunity - Autoz Spa
Date : 25-Feb-2019


Autozspa is Dedicated to Car Washing & Beautification.

AutozSpa Gives Franchisees the Opportunity to Achieve Financial Independence While Creating Jobs AutozSpa is dedicated to providing a classy clean to a car, protecting the car's brand new showroom finish. It does this by utilising a unique chemical-free, steam cleaning process, thus ensuring a brighter future for the environment. We also use the latest in car care technology, and this makes us stand out from our competition.

  • Support Provided by the Franchisor
  • Architectural and interior layouts for your outlet.
  •  Machine setup and fitting.
  •  A personal manager available at all times to visit the site and guide/direct you.
  •  Training and support in sales, marketing and technology. Benefits for the Franchisee
  •  0 Royalty cost with lifetime support.
  •  The best branded machinery and chemicals.
  •  The certification and training of the AutozSpa brand.
  • Business planning and strategies.
  •  Research and development benefits and support.
  •  Support when recruiting staff.
  •  The chance to earn a huge margin by offering exclusive services (e.g. car detailing) and products.
  •  Discussions with other franchise owners continuously and at annual conferences.


Some General Question Which People Ask to Us How long have you been working with AutozSpa, and what inspired you to join it? We have been in the automotive sector for the last 12 years, and entered into the franchise field in 2008. I was always very curious about cars and started working with car beautification products – fortunately we progressed to being a franchise business and now we are successfully running 65 centres all over India. Our goal is to reach a minimum of 1,000 centres. Automotive services is a large sector in the franchise industry. What makes AutozSpa stand out from the other car washing franchises?

We know car washing is a huge industry but our main focus is on car beautification. We can see that after a car is bought its shine slowly goes down. We are mainly focused on getting that beauty back and maintaining it. We also help each franchisee to provide extra add-on services (like dent painting, wheel alignment and lots more). Is AutozSpa succeeding in looking for franchise partners?

Yes, and we are currently making a tie-up with Bajaj Allianz. Describe a person who would do well as a franchise operator with AutozSpa.A person passionate about cars, willing to enter into the car care industry. Those who are hungry for opportunities in a nascent market. Someone visionary and enterprising, who loves cars and is interested in a service-based industry. A person who can also make other people understand the value of car detailing. What is the number one piece of advice you would give to a first-time franchisee?

We advise a franchisee that in order to understand any business you should be very much interested in its sector. A craze for cars will be a great benefit for this business. Any service industry runs on repeat volume so stay focused while working on the cars – if customers are satisfied then they will create a great market. What are AutozSpa’s goals/targets for the next 12 months? Currently we are running 35 franchises. Hopefully we will be reaching 100 franchises within 12 months and we are also planning to add extra services like dent painting, wheel alignment and lots more. Is there anything else you would like to share?AutozSpa is completely dedicated to car beauty and maintenance. We love to share our experiences and want to spread our knowledge of car care. Has advertising/working with Franchise Asia been satisfactory for you? Franchise Asia is really a great help to get franchisees; the team of franchise Asia understand a requirement and work on the market accordingly. Because of them we have closed lots of deals. We appreciate their hard and smart work.

Source:- Auyozspa

Date : 19-Feb-2019


To prosper and grow, a mutual attempt is always a better approach than to be an individual wanderer. A healthy partnership creates better ways for any task to be completed. When you find a right and competitive partner your work is half done in a perfect way.

The business market understands the value of a partnership hence the trend of franchise partnership is getting a bigger shape day by day. It has turned out to be a requisite element in business expansion. Most of the brands entertain the trend at high priority.

The advantages are very vast so everyone wants to catch up with the possibilities of higher success. It requires a lower startup cost. The capital induced in by the partner lessens the strain on you without stirring the overall business expense.

Your venture arises as more powerful in terms of capital as your partner brings the money. When you tie up with someone, the money flow gets a faster mode for sure. You with your partner can generate more money than before. by sharing the income with a partner you decrease the tax freight on your joints. Together, you make a stronger team. “Each person has different strengths that, when [combined], make a stronger unit,” says Tara Butler, who opened a Gamin’ Ride franchise in Waldorf, Maryland, in 2010 with her friend Charles Oglesby. You’re not alone. “Having a partner allows the security of not being alone and knowing there’s a built-in team,” says Butler. A new partner carries a distinctive mindset in the business. He spurs you to conceive more and accomplishes your stronger benefit goals of the business.

To prosper and grow, a mutual attempt is always a better approach than to be an individual wanderer. A healthy partnership creates better ways for any task to be completed. When you find a right and competitive partner your work is half done in a perfect way. The business market understands the value of a partnership hence the trend of franchise partnership is getting a bigger shape day by day. It has turned out to be a requisite element in business expansion. Most of the brands entertain the trend at high priority. The advantages are very vast so everyone wants to catch up with the possibilities of higher success.

It requires a lower startup cost. The capital induced in by the partner lessens the strain on you without stirring the overall business expense. Your venture arises as more powerful in terms of capital as your partner brings the money. When you tie up with someone, the money flow gets a faster mode for sure. You with your partner can generate more money than before. by sharing the income with a partner you decrease the tax freight on your joints. Together, you make a stronger team. “Each person has different strengths that, when [combined], make a stronger unit,” says Tara Butler, who opened a Gamin’ Ride franchise in Waldorf, Maryland, in 2010 with her friend Charles Oglesby.

You’re not alone. “Having a partner allows the security of not being alone and knowing there’s a built-in team,” says Butler. A new partner carries a distinctive mindset in the business. He spurs you to conceive more and accomplishes your stronger benefit goals of the business.

Top Profitable Business Opportunities 2019
Date : 13-Feb-2019


Start some new Business in this year 2019 and increase your assets column. We are working with the aim that Everyone has their own business. Franchise apply gives Business Opportunities to the business seeker and help them to start a new business.

Franchise Business Opportunities in India 2019

Tour & Travel Business - 

Start a Tour & Travel business is the right choice if you have a low investment budget. Travel business gives you a high return in small investment.

Here I am sharing a best Tours & Travel Franchise Business Opportunities -  The Holiday Deal

Facts show you the growth of the tour & travel industry in India.

India is a large market for travel and tourism. ... Total contribution by travel and tourism sector to India's GDP is expected to increase from Rs 15.24 trillion (US$ 234.03 billion) in 2017 to Rs 32.05 trillion (US$ 492.21 billion) in 2028.



Diet & Healthy Food Business:-

If you are passionate about cooking, you can start a food business. These days people like healthy and organic food, so if you adopt this, it's favorable to your business it attracts your customer towards you.

For Example:- Healthy Juice Business, Healthy Food Business

Healthy Juice and Food Business Opportunity


Start an Online Business:-

In India, the online selling business is increasing. You start an online store. You can associate with the online store like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay, Myntra, Jabong, etc. You need to concentrate on your product quality, your product range, timely shipping, think about your marketing strategy. Always active to handle customer feedback and inquiries.


Staffing or Recruitment Business:-

Every organization needs employees some of them have their staffing solution, but many small businesses hire a recruitment company for their staffing solution. They pay a handsome amount for managing their staffing or recruitment solution.
To start a staffing solution business, you do not require to invest a considerable amount. 


Car cleaning services:-

If you can give affordable car cleaning services then, this one is the best business idea with low investment. It can be done by anyone and as a part-time side business.


Courier Service:-

If you are aware from your local area and have good skill to interact with clients, then you can start a business with some of the courier network like Gxpress, Blue Dart, Trackon, DHL as their business associate and set up your business in your area.


Fitness Center:-

Everyone is conscious about their health. 
If you have a good knowledge of health and fitness, you can train the other and earn a good income. To start a fitness center, you require some fitness equipment and a place to open your center.


Clothing Store:-

In this business, you have to do the simple thing, buy the clothes from the wholesale market and sell at your shop. You required a shop at high- footfall area, and you should always be aware of market trends.


Digital Marketing Agency:-

If you are aware of digital marketing, then it's a highly profitable business for you. You can learn digital marketing program from a various online platform and after that start business. Every organization needs a marketing consulting company for their marketing and promotion. They pay the right amount for that. You can start this from your home, and for this, you do not require an office setup.


Date : 11-Feb-2019


ABOUT FOUNDER Mr. Kulpreet Singh, the founder of Tetalee, initiated his hunt in the industry of garment manufacturing in 1986. He commenced the establishment of his own market enterprise "AB Marketing''. And under the garment division of AB Marketing, he launched his most trusted brand of the business 'Tetalee'. With his utmost dedication and hard work, he achieved his goal at a very quick pace. Over the years he has served nothing but the best quality to his customers. He always prefers to provide the finest products in the market and that motions his brand to distinguish standard. In the 20 years long run, he has emerged as a prominent and the most committed manufacturer and supplier of lady garments. Mr. Kulpreet Singh, with his wife Daman Singh, looks after the complete designing segment. According to him, his wife provides a major advantage in the constant rise of Tetalee. The joint efforts of the couple make their brand a unique one. Both put their heart and soul to give Tetalee new heights every time. The market is evolving by every new day, hence being in the run is quite an uphill task for any market player. But Mr. Kulpreet, Having his humongous experience, knows how to play with the latest trends in the market. Under his guidance,Tetalee is traveling a success ride in the market. ABOUT TETALEE If you want to be a successful entrepreneur then the goodwill of Tetalee in the market can provide you helping hands guaranteeing your success in the course. Tetalee was founded in the year of 2011. In the very short span of time, it has become a brand to reckon with in the garment market. Standing steadily among the leading manufacturers and Suppliers of the market, Tetalee produces some of the exceptional quality of regular Ladies Kurti, Designer Ladies Kurtis, Topps and Plazos. Here the highest quality comes at very nominal prices that satisfy every aspect of a customer seeking beautiful clothing that goes easy on the pocket. The wide range of outfits mesmerizes its buyers and propel them to buy again and again with Tetalee. Telalee smoothly plays with the contemporary domestic outfit designs with elegance mingled with the extreme comfort of women. Tetalee offers the finest class of quality Apparels with enchanting designs, flawless finishing, and perfect stitching. And that shape its garments long lasting outfit. Its expert designers rely on the latest fashion trends. They deliver all the appealing designs women seek for. Tetalee thrives on skin-friendliness, shrink resistance, smooth texture, color-fastness, patterns, and beautiful embroidery work. The class range of designer dresses is extremely demanded as its traditional & contemporary designs are just awesome. Every time Tetalee manages to grow and sustain its standards and features. Tetalee has opened some of its brand outlets in Jaipur located in Jhotwara and Vaishali Nagar and another store in Shri Ganganagar, including six MBO Stores and one Owen Store. With its widespread market Now Tetalee offers a splendid business opportunity for franchise seekers by with profitable franchise distribution across the country. WHY ONLY TETALEE:- Unique Business model. Excellent margin. Standard Operating Procedures in all aspects of the business. India's most trusted Brand Low Investments High Return Growth Oriented transparent Work Policies Complete Pre and After Opening Support

Fast Food Franchise Opportunities, Fast Food Business Franchises for Sale - La'Chef Franchise
Date : 06-Feb-2019


Mr. Govind Singh Rawat belongs to Almora (Uttrakhand) and after his early education moved to Aligarh for next study, where he got admission in Food Craft wing AMU Campus and established himself as an ideal figure among the students who were his batch mates. He earned his name and fame and then became a familiar among restaurant industry veteran who holds a vast & incredible experience of 14 years in the food & beverage industry. Nowadays it’s a very challenging job to run a restaurant chain when many brands are lying around the people. But be observed very carefully the need of the customers in the restaurant industry that what exactly they expected from a restaurant and worked upon the basic requirement of the customers if they turn up at any restaurant occasionally & at party time. Being associated with food service industry & having most profound knowledge along with a vision of forming Mr. Rawat took the decision and with a firm determination started La’Chef Restaurants to serve delicious food & bring the utmost comfort, satisfaction, quality & price. First La’chef came into existence in July 2012 with the collaboration of Mr. Shobhit Katiyar at Baddy in Himachal Pradesh under the long term vision of creating a brand offering the customers with finger licking food and exposure to different range & variations of taste and culinary experience. Second La’chef was established in the same month July 2014 at Marris Road Aligarh which was inaugurated by Cricketer Ajay Jadeja. Mr. Rawat is committed to giving proper attention to the customers and takes care of all of them. His homework and proper planning came into a big success at last when customer’s notes appreciated him. This inspired him to start his entrepreneurial venture LA’CHEF outlets and by the Almighty! Today La’chef restaurants are running successfully at multiple locations. The vision and mission of La’chef are to reach the vast majority others in India and bring new recipes according to the location & turn up of the customers. Mr. Govind has been deeply associated with FCI where he shared his vision & knowledge with students who wanted to make their future in the Food & Beverage Industry. His vision, Passion and single mindset up along with his dedication was the reason to groom LA’CHEF from seed to tree. Due to hard work, Hawkeye, real assets inputs are the reason for La’chef recognition today. Mr. Govind became an essential part of Delhi College of Catering & Hotel Management where he had been involved in mentoring and training several students.

WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS - Education Business Franchise Opportunities
Date : 31-Jan-2019


WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS, OPEN PLAYSCHOOL IN UR OWN BRAND IN 3-6 LACS KRISH EDUCARE – A complete Preschool Solution Company, having won many awards ( India’s Best Preschool Consultant Award 2018, recently) is seen as a company providing Quality & Service oriented Consultancy to all new Preschool Edupreneurs. Thousands of pre-school mushrooming in India day by day, but are not able run properly and get closed down within a spam of 1-2 years. This is happening becoz of all wrong commitments’ by preschool owners and No Proper Service & Quality, No proper security and safety for children, untrained staff, questionable curriculum, inflexible schedules, no proper operation manuals, etc,. So the basic problem in today’s preschool is the quality & service. Most of the preschools are franchisee based and have paid hefty Licence fee & Royalty to franchisor for the Knowledge, Technical know- how, List of Material, Toys & tools, Recruitment & Training, Curriculum, Quality and Service which most of the time they are deprived off and later they do everything by themselves feeling cheated. They do everything for a brand which is not there and can be taken back by the franchisor at any given Point of time. The Solution is to open a preschool in one's own brand name and to have someone who can give all Knowledge, Technical know-how, List of Material, Toys & tools, Recruitment & Training, Curriculum, Quality and Service without Charging you of Hefty Licence Fee & Royalty. And that's where KRISH EDUCARE - Complete Preschool Solution Step in. Started by Mr. Ashwin Jalan, KRISH EDUCARE, a Delhi Based ISO 9001:2015 Company which has an experience of education industry for Almost 12 years and had forayed into the market to give quality education in Preschool Industry without the tag of Licence Fee & Royalty. Mr. Ashwin Jalan, has about 19 years of sales and marketing experience in Stationery, Advertising and Education Sector. He has Served 12 years in the Eduaction Sector and for last 3.5 years is running KRISH EDUCARE giving quality and service to his customers Pan India. According to him, “preschool is a long term business but has to be done with utmost care, service and quality”. KRISH EDUCARE promises you to provide All possible Quality & Supports in all the ways. This is an Educational & Pre-School Service Management Company interested in delivery Of high Quality services to its partners, kids and parents associated to it at any particular place. We are currently having more than 65+ Schools Pan India and are also delivering material and curriculum to a lot of school. Mr. Ashwin Jalan has been able to provide personalised customer service to his customers and giving them end to end solution without compromising on the quality and service. Why Play school of your own thru KRISH EDUCARE: Undoubtedly, it is a wise decision to starting your own play school. KRISH EDUCARE gives you numerous benefits of owing a preschool franchise. They are listed as follows: • Own Brand rather than any one’s Brand – Its like nurturing someone else child with you own hard work and finance and also giving royalty for the job done by you. Here its your own child which you invest in and take care of and make it into a brand. • Low Cost of Initial Investment- The amount of investment made by the you thru KRISH EDUCARE is going to be very less than the amount invested thru a prospective franchisee. By having you own preschool thru KRISH EDUCARE not only you save on on the initial set-up school, costs but also on promotional and administrative cost which will be higher in case of an franchise system. You also pay an initial franchise fee which is like starting the business with a negative balance. • Lower Financial Risk- In comparison to other business ventures, preschool will bear less financial risk. This is because of its initial low cost of investment and No Franchise Fee and Monthly Royalty. • Noble Profession- Apart from the aforesaid benefits, it is a noble profession to start a play school as it gives a sense of satisfaction by imparting education and serving the society at large. Moreover, through this, one gets a lot of respect in the community as well. • KRISH EDUCARE Support- Since it is a tiresome process, hence, the KRISH EDUCARE helps the PRESCHOOL OWNER right from selecting the land till launching the preschool. • Strategic Advantages- Besides this, the KRISH EDUCARE offers support in terms of trained professionals and technical expertise which will give a quick head start to the workings. • Curriculum Support- KRISH EDUCARE also helps the PRESCHOOL OWNER with integrated curriculum (which will be monthwise, datewise, timewise) along with monthly planner and Teacher Reference Guide which will help in defining the teaching techniques. • Assured profits in the long run- Investment in the education sector is surely a sensible decision and it will ensure guaranteed return on investment. USP OF KRISH EDUCARE • AN ISO 9001: 2015 CERTFIED COMPANY • 100% DEDICATED & FOCUSED AND PRACTICAL APPROACH • UNIQUE CURRICULUM AND MONTHLY PLANNER • RFID ID CARDS AND GPS TRACKER FOR SECURITY • TALKING BOOK TECHNOLOGY (SINCE LAST 3 YEARS) • ANDROID APP FOR ALL DIARY, NOTES, FEES, PHOTO, EVENTS LONG WITH ERP • CCTV SURVEILLANCE TO PARENTS AT HOME • 24*7 SERVICE WITHOUT ANY ROYALTY • ALL BRANDED MATERIAL WITH warranty When you associate with us, you will get COMPLETE end to end Service benefits in the following areas like Interior and exterior designing support for Set up to establish and operate a successful preschool, Branding and promotional support: branding, advertising on local, regional and national level, Marketing and advertising support for Effective promotional material & tips, training on marketing & management, Operational support: Training provided on business, operations, administration, International standard curriculum, Technical and training support: Expert support for academic excellence, accounting, feedback & security Assistance for recruitment & training of teaching faculty and support staff. Our vast & continued franchisee assistance encompasses of every aspect of running a business selection of site/location procurement of educational resource, staff selection, staff training and operations, academic support, Etc. Our model are best suited to our Edupreneurs who are really passionate about children and their education and help for the educational revolution, its base on the location and expansion. We invite Edupreneurs Preferable existing pre-schools, Professionals from education segment, Retired Professionals Investors/Women Entrepreneurs. Having the capacity to make an Investment of minimum of 3 lakhs to 6 Lakh depending chosen model, passion for child development, Motivated, can lead, manage and communicate effectively. Here in our module, the edupreneur does not need to invest 2-5 hrs a day in our business. Passionate for providing quality education. The Edupreneur should have minimum 1500-2000 sq.ft carpet area in premium residential location could be owned or leased. We are providing services at the pan India level covering have covered states like Delhi, J&K, Bihar Assam, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, UT Dadar Nagar Haveli, Gujrat, Rajasthan, UP etc. Source:- Krish Educare

Date : 29-Jan-2019


Kagzi Exports has been a highly famed signature in the Garment Industry for the last 16 years. Its brand value not only in India but the overseas market is the evidence of its widespread impression in the textile market. The ISO 9001-2000 certified venture came into existence in 2002 and delivered right through the excellence from the beginning. Soon, it arrived at the success track and arose as the most sought-after brand in the business. In The Export Industry, Kagzi provides the best quality apparels exporting from some of the finest international business partners across the global market. The outstretch of its products to the Middle East, Europe, United Kingdom, Latin America, and the USA tells the tale of its ultimate success and enchantment. To expand its venture more into the fastest growing raiment market, Kagzi launched its own apparel brand; Kashana in 2016. Under the able leadership of Mr. Mohammad Arif, Kashana reached to the new heights in the very short span of time. Today, it has risen as the most lovable brand in lady outfit industry. Kashan thrives on the fusion of western style with Indian fashion that entertains the teenage to the middle age group of women with the pocket-friendly approach. Its apparels not only beautify their appearance in regal touch but go easy with their budgetary seeking. Fashion product of the brand is classically handcrafted by over 800 artistic, skilled and experienced masters of the field working for Kagzi since its inception. Kashana leaves no stone unturned to serve its customers the best possible quality. And that is the reason behind the stupendous growth of it. It stands apart from its counterparts with its being Highly equipped with the latest machinery and infrastructure. Kashana keeps the whole watchfulness on its products from grey fabric to the packaging of the product. The process is so well executed that its apparel seems flawless every time. And every time Kashana manages to meet all the expectations of buyers on a satisfactory note. the complete package of splendid designing, impeccable dyeing, perfect stitching, and enchanting embroidery present the product as complete value for the buyer. Franchise Opportunity with the Bigwig of the garments industry- Kashana- Kashana has achieved nothing but the tremendous value and trust of the customers over the years. If you are the one who wants to grasp the sky-high business opportunities in the garment segment then nothing can be better to opt for your hunt with Kashana. Kashana's customers are young and middle age who tend to wear the latest trend henceforth it continuously evolves the innovative approach of manufacturing. The class of its apparel can be observed in terms of the rate of its repeat customers. Almost 70% above buyers show their interest in visiting again and again to its stores. Its robust market value provides you a strong pivotal edge and helps you grow faster than you aspire for. At the very nominal cost, you can create your desired business world with low efforts. Kashana helps you to establish your store with full guidance and pre and after support. Its massive numbers of outlets across the country stand it as the most successful market player in the fraternity. All the specialty of Kashana brand ensures your dream of being a successful entrepreneur come true with extensive growth and achieving. Kashana has exclusive EBO'S, S.I.S, and Wholesale outlets and it invites the franchise seeker with vast opportunities. Why Franchise only with KASHANA? Deals in Ethnic and Western wear category A wide range of latest fashionable products Digital marketing support Marketing Collaterals Trusted and long lasting parent company Complete sharing of Business Know-How Sales, Training and IT support Assist in showroom site selection. design and launch Availability of wide range of products and categories to customers demand under one roof FRANCHISE FACTS SHOP IN SHOP FACT Investment: 10L-15L Investment:2L-4L Area: 250-600 Sq Ft Area: 50-100 SqFt Expansion: PAN INDIA Expansion: PAN INDIA Source:- Kashana Team

India's most prominent Salon brand - JAWED HABIB Franchise Opportunity
Date : 25-Jan-2019


Jawed Habib is one of the most recognized brand in the Hair and Beauty Industry. The company started it’s humble beginnings in 2000 when Jawed started setting up his own salons. Founded by Jawed Habib this brand has grown exponentially in recent years. Jawed has been the pioneer in hair education. When the hair industry was at a very nascent stage the hair stylists lacked skill and knowledge both. Product companies wanted to introduce a lot of innovations to the end consumers. But this would’nt have been possible if these hair stylists were not trained. Hence Jawed always felt that hair education is the most important factor to drive this growth. Till date, he has conducted more than 2000 seminars all across the country imparting technical skills to students. His foray into salons followed then. Today Jawed Habib has 5 different brands viz. HairXpreso, Hair & Beauty, Hair Studio, The Jawed Habib and its training schools – Jawed Habib academy. These number upto 750 operating outlets across 110 cities and 24 states. The company operates out of a franchising system. The success story of Jawed Habib attributes to their robust support system of providing hand holding from scratch to success. The company provides trained technical staff , interior designing, marketing support and operational support through their Master Franchisees. The main USP of the salons are their quality services at modest prices. Source:- Jawed Habib Team