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GO69 PIZZA: INDIA ka Pizza : The Fastest growing Indian Pizza Chain

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  • 29-Aug-2020

Big ambitions need big courage

Dr Amit Srivastava is a M.B.A. & Ph.D. holder, worked for more than ten years in MNC financial services companies like Bajaj, Reliance, Birla and Bank of Baroda. He changed his life by switching to the food business. Dr Amit is the proud owner of Go69 Pizza which was founded by him in 2015. Leaving the high paying job to start a new business was not so easy, it requires a lot of courage but because of his idea, passion & belief to have a successful business along with the knowledge and research in the fields of finance and marketing, he was able to create the Fastest growing Indian pizza brand.

A classic example of Passion & belief

Every success story is driven on the wheels of passion and belief . These are two major factors to keep this going…. Here we had words with Dr. Amit Srivastava M.D. & CEO- Go69 Pizza who is taking his idea to a newer heights due to his passion and belief .

Highlights of our conversation with Dr. Srivastava:

Q- Sir tell me something about you before the start of Go69 Pizza

A- Well, prior to this I have worked with different companies of financial industries like Bajaj, Reliance, Birla and Bank of Baroda group. There I have spent more than 10 years on different profiles starting from front line sales manager to a Regional manager .


Q- What made you leave your job with a good salary and start Go69 Pizza ?

A- I was working their earning good salary but my entrepreneur mind had never let me satisfied , I wanted to start something at my own , so started this company .


Q- So, why have you chosen this industry , I mean you are from financial background and started a company of foods & beverages industry ?

A- We are fond of tasting different foods and when it came to Pizza we did not find our tastes with no pocket friendly pricing. Moreover when it comes to tier 3 & 4 cities there were none who were selling authentic pizza So we have decided to get this gap as an opportunity.


Q- Why have you taken franchise route to expand your business?

A-  See, franchise model of business is win win situation for both franchisor and franchise, as franchisor uses its expertise and SOP’s and the franchise uses its investment and local contacts and expertise to grow the business. So, this way risk is being shared and you do not require a big amount of money to expand .


Q- So, what are your achievements so far in terms of expansion ?

A- We have expanded across 15 states of the country with more than 65 outlets in more than 50 locations . We are in process to go international soon .

Our company has won 12 awards in last 2 years . We have been awarded as “Fastest growing Indian Pizza Chain”  “Fastest emerging pizza brand of India “ “Best pizza chain of India” as few to mention . We have won “Red FM ka Thappa” also.


Q-What is your brand USP ?

A- We offer multiple products including Pizza, Burgers, Sandwich, Fries, Garlic breads, Noodles, Fried chicken, Rolls, Deserts, Shakes, Mocktail and smoothies.

We are famous for the Indian desi flavours and spicy flavours in pizzas & other products.


Q- Please describe your business model ?

A- We work on no royalty model. We charge a nominal cost in starting against which we supply all the machinery, equipment, utensils, training, uniform, stay & fooding along with training to franchise owner and SOP manual.

Our Pre NSO team guide the franchise to develop the property and setup the outlet, NSO team visits franchise location before inauguration, they stay there for week/10 days , they help in setup and opening. After opening they guide how to manage inventory and how to do ordering etc.

Going forward our franchise support team helps franchise in daily operations by tele support and video support on daily basis , we have dedicated team for that. We use to supply all the raw material and packaging material as well so that franchise needs not waste time in searching the material here and there.

Our R&D team develops and launches new products every quarter, our franchise support team get it launched in all franchise stores .

And the best part is that these services are free of cost to franchisees, we don’t charge any monthly fee for this. The franchise even not required to share its profits with the company. The only thing he has to do is  “Follow the company protocols.”


Q- Where do you see your company 5 years down the line ?

A- We have planned to open 17 new company owned outlets on 2020 to make the count 20 and planning to reach 100 outlet count in total by the end of FY 2020-21.

We are eyeing 500 outlets till 2025 to become largest Indian Pizza company and first choice of Indian customers .



Awards till date

(Awarded by Madhuri Dixit, Shilpa Shetty, Dia Mirza, Chitrangada Singh, Kriti Sanon, Urmila Martondker, Malaika Arora)


1.  Fastest growing Indian Pizza Chain-2018

2.  Best Pizza chain of India-2018

3.  Among top 20 most promising fast food chain-2018

4.  Red FM ka thappa- 2019

5.  Best Indian Pizza chain- 2019

6.  Fastest growing india Pizza company-2019

7.  Fastest growing Indian Pizza chain-2019

8.  Fastest growing Indian Pizza brand-2019

9.  Fastest emerging Indian Pizza company-2019

10.Best Pizza Chain of the year-2019

11.Fastest growing pizza chain of india-2019

12.Company of year-2019


Story published in Dainik Jagran and Hindustan news papers

Story published in Silicon India magazine , Franchise apply magazine, Franchising world magazine, Brandz magazine, Forbes india magazine.

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