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The domain name is owned by Franchise Apply Brands Pvt Ltd , have the all rights to change, add or remove the content of the website are reserved by the owner of the Company. Copying or using any content or a part of it without permission will be a legal offence. All the information about brands are provided by the brand owners/ representatives. We have taken a great care in making sure that all information we provide is accurate but Franchise apply brands pvt ltd will not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential losses or harms that may be caused to the users. So the users / Investors/franchisees are requested to consult qualified proffessional / advisors before taking any decision that might harm the financials, business or reputation of the user. Brands / Franchisors ensure and confident or oath full run the business activites is legally , genuene and well known work in India. Such any illegal activites related to prohibited in India. If we found any iligle or wrong activities by any brands / Franchisros so in this case franchise apply brands pvt ltd can remove your brand. Brands / Franchisors is full fill laws and all type legal registration and acknowledge and license and trading , manufacturing, merchant, service provide and export , import activities with authanticate entity. it has been incorporated under the laws of india or local laws, validly existing under such laws and has the power and authority to carry on its business in india and worldwide or abroad. Franchise Apply Brand Pvt Ltd does not takes any guarantee for generate the lead or close the franchisee to brands / franchisors. Franchise Apply Brands Pvt Ltd will making promotional activities on website ( only. Franchise Apply Brands Pvt led or owner of the company does not takes any gurantee for given lead conversation into the business also. If any investor / franchisee / Business Seekers found any Non Varified brand on our website its means thease brands are not registred with us and we ( Franchise Apply Brand P ltd ) dont recommend thease brands to investor/franchisee or individual persons who are looking business / franchisee. Free Listing brand will be promote on franchise apply website till 3 from date of registraion. Franchise Apply Brands pvt ltd has all the right termination from franchise apply website of any brands who are in free listing. Franchise Apply Brands p ltd not take the profitable business result for varified brands franchisee also. Franchise apply brands pvt ltd is not responsible for cheating or wrong commitment by varified or non varified brands to franchisee/ business seekers. if any investor / franchisee found any froud / cheat brands/ franchisors on our website or if they are cheated by any brand / franchisors which are registred on our website pleae let us know. we will terminate those brands from our website and we will help to you take ligle action against those brands / franchisors. Before apply for any brand franchisee you ( Investor / Business Seekers ) are confirming that your age is above 18 +. Franchise apply brands pvt ltd will not entertain any investor who are under age of 18+. Franchise Apply Brands Pvt Ltd can share your ( Investor / Franchisee / Business seekers ) contact no. & Email id with brands also and we can use your contact no. & Email id share the brands details with you. All terms and conditions, schemes provided here are subject to change with sole descreation of the owner, without prior notice. All the information about brands are provided by the brand owners/ representatives / franchisors so Franchise apply brands pvt ltd will not be liable for any issues related to the brands logos, designs, or any content of brand that may be violating any copyright or social, financial or emotional sentiments of any individual, group or company. All legal matters / disputes are subject to Jaipur jurisdiction only. For any further complaints, queries or feedback please feel free to contact:-

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