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Every parent wants their children to learn new skills after school that can positively contribute to the overall holistic development and prepare them for future life in a better way. Holistic development of the children enhances them physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, morally, culturally, and spiritually; thus, it is overall development that prepares children for tackling any situation and circumstance they face in their adolescence and adulthood. In this regard, a structured after-school program must be developed to lay the foundation and ensure the overall holistic development of kids. The Bright Horizon Group is the only organisation in India, running a structured after-school program for kids’ overall holistic development. In this regard, the organisation has also gained a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by the Education Franchise in the Year 2020 for launching India’s 1st structured after-school program in the education industry.

The availability of a structured after-school program with a wide range of extracurricular activities allows the students to participate in productive processes in a safe environment. Additionally, a structured after-school program creates opportunities for children’s continuous development in aspects other than education by involving them in social and physical activities. These activities can help the students become more responsible and open in real-time and make them happier and healthier by engaging in activities they enjoy. Other than this, the following are the key benefits that a structured after-school program provides concerning the overall holistic development of the children:

Creates a safe environment for conducting extracurricular activities: By registering with such a program, parents can know exactly where their children are and what actions the children are indulging in. Children can enjoy extracurricular activities in a safe environment, which will lessen their wish to skip school and study for the same.

Makes students more active and healthier: Extracurricular activities from these programs help them be physically active and mentally charged. Starting to be physically active and mentally charged from a young age itself induces a healthier lifestyle for the long-term and helps children to make healthy choices in daily life.

Generates emotional stability and happiness in students: By participating in extracurricular activities, children tend to interact with other children who have the same interests and develop interpersonal relationships. Additionally, extracurricular activities help children in developing positive traits, such as teamwork and empathy.

Improves academic performance: As per statistics, children who participate in extracurricular activities after school tend to achieve better results. The core reason for the same is that extracurricular activities improve students’ cognitive skills, making a positive contribution to their academic grades. With better grades, students gain higher confidence and self-esteem.

Helps students explore new hobbies and interests: Such programs help children have a clear idea about their hobbies and interests from an early age itself. With such an idea, students can make better decisions in their academic tenure and futuristic professional career.

Improves social relationships and confidence: Participating in extracurricular activities with other students through such an after-school program helps them cultivate and sustain healthy relationships. It is to be noted that some of the closest friendships of humans develop during their elementary and middle-school years; thus, students must connect with others who have similar interests and hobbies. In addition to the benefits mentioned above for students, a structured after-school program also helps working families support the parents in raising their children. As per statistics, working parents tend to take leaves for an average of eight working days every year due to their concern for their child’s after-school development and care, which negatively affects their productivity and salary. However, with the availability of a structured after-school program, parents can be assured that their children indulge in productive and developmental activities after school. Overall, parents should consider registering their children for a structured after-school program to ensure their holistic development. All included activities are conducted in a productive yet enjoyable manner in a controlled and safe environment.

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