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Candy Floss is where sweetness meets style. We offer a delightful mix of 12+ trendy categories and 40+ subcategories, including toys, soft toys, household goods, kitchenware, digital goods, glassware, personal care products, perfumes, home fragrances, and more! - all at prices that inspire smiles. As India's only variety retail chain, we're proudly moving towards 100% Made in India products. Discover pieces that spark joy and let your personality shine - we've already served over 3,00,000 happy customers! Explore 12+ categories Candy Floss: It's a sprinkle of fun for everyday life What business opportunities do you offer to franchises.Candy Floss franchise is all about! Here's why you'll love being part of our sweet success story: ? Own your success: The FOFO model means YOU'RE the boss, running your piece of this rapidly growing brand. • Stand out from the crowd: We're not just another store in a crowded market. We say "yes" to local sourcing and "yes" to reflecting Indian values - something today's shoppers crave. • Be the dream-maker: Your store will be THE go-to spot for everything trendy, fun, and unexpected. Help customers discover the perfect pieces to express themselves! Think of it this way: Candy Floss lets you bring joy to your community while building a business you can be proud of. Ready to learn more? Let's chat! What are your expansion plans? Picture this: Imagine the Candy Floss magic spread across India - vibrant stores filled with happy customers in every city! We're on a mission, and partnering with amazing franchisees like you is how we make it happen. Let's talk benefits: • Growth together: We bring the brand power and consistent marketing, while you bring local knowledge and drive! Your success is our success. Credibility boost: Our reputation is growing fast. Joining us means you tap into that buzz and benefit from our nationwide appeal. • The dream doesn't stop here: Think big! Once we've conquered India, imagine Candy Floss delighting customers around the world. We're not just building stores, we're building a movement. Ready to be part of something special? Let's explore how we can make this happen together!

What is the eligibility for a prospective franchise and what is the risk involved? Ready to unlock your potential? If you're driven, have a great space, and are passionate about creating an awesome shopping experience, then a Candy Floss franchise might be the perfect fit! Here's who we're looking for: • Ambitious go-getters: Ready to own your own business, but want the support of a growing brand? Let's team up! • Smart investors: Got a dream location? Want a venture with easy returns? We should definitely talk. • Retail rockstars (or those who dream of being one): Experience is awesome, but not required. Passion for fashion and lifestyle gives you a huge head start. • Women entrepreneurs, this is for you! Want to be your own boss with a venture that offers flexibility and great returns? Let's make it happen. The perfect spot? High-traffic locations: Think busy streets, popular malls - places where people love to shop and explore. • Got space? 800-1500 sq. ft. is ideal to create the full Candy Floss experience. The best part? We've got your back. This is a secure venture with minimal risk, so you can focus on building your business. Sound exciting? Let's chat about turning your dreams into a sweet reality!

What is the USP of your franchise? How does it stand out from your competitors, especially in terms of investment vis-a- vis benefits? Partnering with Candy Floss for a franchise means more than just opening a store it's about joining forces with a brand that's dedicated to your success. We offer a wide range of products that appeal to women, men, and kids, giving you a huge customer base to tap into. Plus, our team never stops innovating, always keeping your store stocked with the latest trends. With attractive margins and a model designed for growth, Candy Floss offers serious earning potential. And don't worry about the logistical headaches - we've got supply chain and tech support covered, so you can focus on building relationships with customers and growing your business.

What is the break-even period for a Candy Floss franchise? How fast can one start making profits?

Get ready for those profits! While every store is different, most of our franchises reach break-even within 12-15 months. Imagine it within a year, you could be turning a healthy profit! Some of our star stores even hit that milestone faster. With our consistent promotions and your awesome management skills, you can make those profits start rolling in sooner rather than later.

Is Candy Floss franchise a recession- proof business?

We understand that no business is completely recession-proof. But here's the thing: even in tough times, people crave a touch of joy and a way to boost their spirits. That's where Candy Floss shines! Our stylish products offer that hint of affordable luxury that customers are looking for, even on a tighter budget. This gives us a unique advantage over pricier competitors, helping our stores not just survive, but thrive, even in uncertain times.

What is your franchise mantra for the prospective franchisees?

We're all about making this a win-win partnership! That's why we focus on supporting our franchises every step of the way. We've got a strong brand vision to guide us, but we know staying flexible is key. We want to tap into the ever- changing market trends and what your customers are looking for, so we can all adapt and succeed together.


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