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Franchise Business & SEO Strategies


Franchise business in India has been growing in recent times. Brands like Burger King, Zara, McDonald’s, Anytime Fitness, and many more have expanded their business to multiple cities across India. 

These brands are already extremely popular among the consumers. So, brands invest hugely on marketing and advertising as a whole on a greater level.

What Is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the marketing process of making your website more user-friendly and readily available in the search results on the search engines. 

Search engine optimization includes off-page and on-page seo tactics that include optimizing your website to make it more relevant, and search-engine friendly and off-page seo includes efforts made over the internet to create awareness about the business. 

Mainly for the franchise business, the most suitable and useful is local SEO as it will help in bringing the most valuable traffic and results. 

What Is Local SEO for a Franchise Business?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website and business profiles so that it shows up in the local area search results. The local area here means the area of your franchise. 

For example – If you have set up a franchise business for XYZ Fashion brand in Delhi, then the local SEO would help your brand to show up in the search results when someone searches like “best fashion brand in Delhi”. 

So, Local SEO helps in diverting or guiding the online traffic in that area to your business. It is an essential factor for a brand to build a strong brand presence and generate revenue. 

Benefits Of Local SEO For Franchise Business

Therefore, local SEO brings consumers to your business that can later become your customers and increase your profits. 

Best Local SEO Strategies For Your Franchise Business

1. Google Location Listing

The first and foremost step is to list your business and its location(s) on Google. Consumers use Google to find information about a business as we told earlier, so listing will help in providing that important information to users. 

This is the simplest local SEO technique where you have to list your business on Google My Business and fill all the necessary information for the consumers.

2. Listing Your Business On Review Platforms

The next thing is to list your business on review platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. where consumers hugely explore different businesses and their quality of services. 

Consumers use these review platforms to find and compare the identical business from an industry to choose the best one where they would want to visit and invest their savings. 

This is a major part of local SEO as local consumers or travellers use these review platforms to choose the best option for their needs, especially for the restaurants and food chains.

3. Local Keywords Strategy

Keywords are the essence of search engine optimization strategy. The strategic use of local or location-specific keywords in your website and SEO strategy can help you boost your franchise business. 

These keywords, for example, can include locality names, city names, area names, landmark names, popular local keywords, competitor keywords from the local area, etc. 

Including these keywords will help your business to show in search results whenever the consumers will make an exact or relevant search query for these terms. 

4. Leverage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play an important role in any business nowadays, especially if we talk about local SEO. As consumers or travellers from outside the local area rely heavily on the reviews to make a decision. 

So, you must ask your customers and followers to leave a review based on their experience with your business. Even Google gives preference to the business that have positive reviews. 

5. Create Content For Local SEO 

Content plays a huge role in engaging users and strengthening business’s SERP presence through link building. So, you must create engaging content for your franchise business. 

This will help in delivering more insightful and valuable information about youtube franchise business to the local audience.

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