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Sanfort Believes In Adopting Effective

SANFORT – The U. K. Concept Preschool Chain has been redefining the early learning space in India for more than years. This top preschool chain of India is a brainchild of husband-wife duo Dr. S. K. Rathor & Mrs. Kavita Rathor.

The leading preschool chain of the country has created a benchmark like no other with 60+ branches in Delhi – NCR and 250+ branches across the country including 12 primary and 3 K-12 schools and with an alumni base of more than 80000. Sanfort has marked its presence in 3 countries and has also bagged more than 70 prestigious awards like “Best Preschool Chain 2018 by ASSOCHAM”, Franchise India Awards for the Years 2015, 2016, 2018, World Education Awards for last 5 Years, Times Business Award 2019, India’s Greatest Brand 2017-18 and many more.

Initial Challenges

In 1999, what Kavita and her husband S. K. Rathor created was a tiny preschool with hardly 20 kids in Noida. Even to start that Kavita had to face immense pressure from her family. “Being in a typical Rajput family, my in-laws never allowed me to go out for a job, but somehow I managed to convince them to start a preschool,” says Kavita Rathor, Founder Director of Sanfort. Kavita recounts, “In 1999, there were hardly any preschools in the market and the concept of early education was not very popular in the society. So, we had very few students in the beginning but our passion, hard work and patience gradually resulted in the recognition & success.” The husband-wife duo kept on working hard and developed innovative concepts for early learners, over a period of time, their school started growing and people started approaching them for franchise. That is the reason after lots of research they launched their school brand SANFORT.


Sanfort with their unremitting research have created a unique and innovative curriculum and interactive pedagogy for preschoolers and have revolutionized the Indian preschool learning system. Sanfort is pioneer to partner with TRINITY College of LONDON for The Trinity Stars Award, which encourage the teaching and learning of English language through drama, music and performance for early learners. This renowned preschool chain is also an active member of “British Association of Early Childhood Education” – U.K & Preschool Learning Alliance- U. K.

Sanfort believes in adopting effective, time – testing elements of traditional learning and infusing them with cutting – edge technology hence is the first one to introduce uniquely designed smart learning system for young learners. Sanfort with its mission to create a tranquil, curious and challenging environment have crafted their curriculum in “Core Value Circle” which helps children in the refinement of their senses; gross & fine motor development, psychological development, personality development and practical life care for self, others and the environment.

Sanfort believes in empowering the preschool teachers by equipping them with in-service orientation, education and intensive training programs, inter-school exchange programs and many other skill up-gradation activities to make them skillful. Highly passionate and qualified Teachers of Sanfort undergo 120 hrs of training annually, which makes them competent to implement the teaching techniques, comprehensive & child – centric lesson plans, which are researched, designed & developed centrally by experts at Sanfort.

Business Model

Sanfort’s growth has been a fascinating story for the Indian preschool industry. Studying their business model gives an insight into their success. The brand works on a franchise model, which played a key role in swift expansion and penetration in different parts of the country. Sanfort has a meticulous screening process for franchisees and a lot of parameters are taken into consideration to evaluate each and every potential franchise before finalisation.  This prominent preschool chain is known to have the best support system in the industry, which acts as their backbone to success. The brand starts its support system from the very stage of the potential market survey, site selection, planning the interior and exteriors of the branch, planning of the pre-launch, launch & post – launch marketing activities, recruitment & training of the staff, continuous advertising and marketing planning for local promotions. Sanfort believes in sharing a lifetime relationship with their franchise partners.

The Learning

The success or failure of a franchise model largely depends on the success or failure of franchisees, as they are the ones who carry out the business in the assigned territory. The screening of the franchisees before signing them up is a very extensive and stringent process. A lot of parameters are taken into consideration to evaluate each and every potential franchisee. However, even after such meticulous screening and evaluation, at times, there are fallouts. “Many franchisees fail to meet out our expectations some time. Some look for immediate profits, even we come came across people who had no proper planning and financial backup. This industry needs a slightly different approach, one need to have passion, dedication and patience to wait for profits. As a franchisor we need to evaluate the potential of a person before signing the agreement,” says Rathor.

Future Goals

Sanfort with its unstoppable spirit is all set to recreate a success story and aims to reach a number of 500+ branches by 2022. The brand was adding 8-10 branches every month before COVID. On discussing future goals for the brand, Dr. Rathor shares that as now the situation is almost normal after COVID and schools have already re-opened in many states and will re-open soon in rest of the states. We can foresee the industry will bounce back like anything as children are locked in their houses for a year now and a fresh set of children is also ready to come to school. A big opportunity has come for new edupreneurs in the field of preschools as many of the preschools across the country have closed down due to COVID crises. So, I see a big jump in the Preschool Franchise Business.

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