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The Innovation That Will Change the Way You Wash Your Car

It is the story of a man who addressed a long-avoided problem of water wastage in a car wash. According to a survey, each car wash costs us around 150-200 Litre of water. The estimate comes from the car wash service stations, where they use high-pressure water pipes to wash the car. This number can be surprising when you consider the number of cars wash washed in India every day. We are talking about a country where half of its population does not even have access to clean drinking water. That is why a solution to this problem is getting more and more crucial to our country. 

Nitin Sharma, the founder of the initiative ‘GoWaterless’ was always interested in coming up with different ways to save nature. After completing his BBA, he wanted to do something to address the water-wastage problem. With his latest innovation this person has changed the way we wash our cars. 

‘GoWaterless’ is an initiative that provides a new way to wash your car without using a drop of water. It replaces water with a few drops of spray which is enough to wash any vehicle. In this method, the liquid is sprayed on the car & wiped off with a microfiber towel to bring perfect cleaning & shine on the car’s Exterior as well & interior. ‘GoWaterless’ claims that this method is better than cleaning a car with water. The spray solution developed by this company is chemical-free and provides an excellent way to clean any vehicle without wasting water. It helps you avoid the scratches or other problems that you might face in washing your car on regular way.

This 37-year old entrepreneur started this company by investing around 10 lakh rupees and used most of this amount in the research of this solution. Finally, the spray solution was founded that was enough to provide that shine to the car without using water or any chemical. After facing several operational challenges, ‘GoWaterless’ has made it clear that it is not stopping without bringing the change we need. 

Today, this initiative has reached around 35 major cities and is planning to expand the services throughout the country. There are more than 50 franchises of this company where you can get the services. The most exciting thing about this initiative is that you can book a car wash online and get doorstep service. That way, you won’t need to do much to contribute to this new and eco-friendly way to wash your car. 

 According to Nitin Sharma, this doorstep service can solve the problem of water wastage without impacting your routine or budget. The car wash service pricing plans of this initiative are similar to the ones that you already pay. On the other hand, the convenience of getting the doorstep services makes it a much better option for 9-5 employees. 

The founder recalls that he was confident that this solution will bring a change in the coming few years, but he is really surprised to see the amazing response received by his initiative. More and more people are joining this initiative and are satisfied with the services.

When asked about the future plans of this company, Mr. Nitin Sharma responded that company is on a mission to save 1 Trillion litters of water that is wasted on car wash at present. Have a franchise network of 500 Franchisees across India within a span of 3 years. And provide employment to 20,000 people through his franchise network.  Additionally, he is planning to invest more in this initiative and introduce many more of their services in the coming days.

How Does it Work?

Go Waterless has an Android APP where anyone can check out their services and book a car wash. As soon as you schedule your car wash, you will receive a confirmation SMS about the car wash service. The professional team will come to your House or Office & clean your car where ever it is parked. You can make the payment online & provide your feedback on the APP on the quality of service. It is as convenient as you order a pizza online.

Do We Really Need to Worry About the Current Water Situation?

We wanted to find out whether it is an alarming situation for us or not. However, the results were shocking as most cities are on the verge of losing clean water if we keep wasting it at the current pace. India is a country where an average person uses over 100-liter water in a day. With these numbers, we cannot afford to lose 150-200 litter of water on a single car wash.

Cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai face the highest risk of losing underground water in the coming few years. The rest of the cities too are on the verge of facing acute water scarcity, if not acted immediately on ways to conserve water. That is why this initiative can be a big help in avoiding this problem.

Thus, we can understand the need for different innovations to save water. The founder believes that while this solution is effective in saving water from car washes, our society needs to find similar solutions to other problems as well. Only then, we can ensure the sustainable development of our country.

There are many other stories of people who are working hard to leave a better place to live for the next generations. With this story of Mr. Nitin Sharma, we are confident that we can come together and contribute our part in saving water. “Little drops of water, makes the mighty ocean”

Let’s Save Water – Let’s Gowaterless.

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