Woman entrepreneur defying all odds giving best repair-service to multi tech two wheelers an inspiration to many more!

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  • 29-Dec-2022

In today’s story, we are going to witness how one woman’s problem becomes a solution to many more and creates a new wave in two-wheeler service domains. There are problems everywhere and there is market everywhere it needs a special vision to understand and design apt solutions.                                

A private teacher from a rural town of Telangana state had once felt embarrassed to get her two-wheeler serviced at a dingy roadside workshop. However, she could not avoid it as the necessity was more important than her feelings. That day she realized that this unorganized sector needed a makeover with a corporate interface to encourage everyone to take up servicing their vehicle regularly.

Hence let’s have a candid chat with the founding team of O’ Mr MECH to learn about the various hurdles this woman entrepreneur faces in structuring a durable brand in this otherwise man- dominated arena. Ms Prameela Ashok Kumar Gogu had given an impeccable strategy that made her brainchild, O’ Mr MECH, a reckoning brand from Hyderabad.

Where is the necessity for structuring O’ Mr MECH?

Initially, I thought it was very difficult for women who almost own over 40% of two-wheelers to get their vehicles serviced regularly due to very few options available apart from roadside dingy workshops. We had to request our men folks of the household to help us with the errand and they were busy with their own schedules or take it ourselves on need-based cases. This resulted in deriving us of riding pleasures, unforeseen breakdowns and low resale value.

In addition, I also studied a news item that not well-maintained two-wheelers release more pollutants than good ones. This results in global warming and damage to society, a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Strangely the need-based repair attitude was much more prevalent among all two-wheeler users across the country, irrespective of gender. Either they are deterred by the high Brand bills or the time consumed. On the other hand, going to the local workshop was also neglected. This problem was not as small as I imagined.


With an idea to structure two-wheeler service workshops, what is your USP on the B2C level?

Pondering over this idea, I could not find a suitable person to help me in execution and hence I discussed it with my son Mr Sai Manoj Kumar Gogu, who is pursuing his doctorate in online brand structuring. He was willing to take my dream as his mission. However with an idea and funding from our reserves, we had a testing time with many like-minded brands and that’s when our third member, our mentor with a solid background joined, Mr RajKishan Ganta, who narrated that a multi-brand two-wheeler service–repair workshop is needed but in a different format which was the need of the hour.

Then our concept of a MULTI-TECH SERVICE–REPAIR CORPORATE WORKSHOP took birth. Now customers can bring two-wheelers with BS4 or BS6 tech or even Electrical Vehicles and in future any new technology to our workshop for a satisfactory repair and get their vehicles back in good condition. Our workshops are loaded with novel branding, state-of-Art equipment, the latest tools, well-mannered techies and a hygienic ambience, where service-repair with genuine spares is available for all two-wheelers.


Now let’s talk about your B2B model and how the franchise benefits?

As a newcomer, there are many doubts in the minds of the investor entering this domain. Being a woman with a different background could structure this brand only goes on to prove that anybody can start a multi-tech corporate workshop for all two-wheelers and run it efficiently to convert the unit into a profit centre by being our franchise. We have bundled offers and provide the latest equipment, tools, branding, Hi-tech Automobile Business Software, Spares Ecom, and a novel strategy which is studded with hi-Intelligence tools along with uniform, stationery and more of time-tested powerful strategy, with one full year of handholding to put your entity on the roads to success. In addition, we have many more initiatives for better business prosperity, tailor-made, as per the geographical demarcations.

Concluding the chat, Mrs Prameela Ashok Kumar Gogu ascertained that the mechanical domain is in a transition stage and old mechanics need to take a backseat to give way for technically sound technocrats. Change is inevitable be the early bird with a franchise from O’ Mr MECH to take advantage. Make the first move to make your entrepreneurship a grand success with expert guidance.

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