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  • Category : Business Services
  • Established : 2014
  • Franchise Started : 2016
  • Brand Outlets : Brand Just started giving franchisees at across India
  • Investment : INR 50 K To INR 5 L
// a part of Indian E-commerce Growth Story….


1. ShoppingOwn: A Private Limited Ecommerce B2B company with a motto of of “AFFORDABLE ECOMMERCE FOR ALL”.

2. A unique concept (under patent) of “Ecommerce On The Cloud” (EOTC) which enables the businesses of all sizes to have their own ecommerce website by just paying as low as Rs 999 per month.

3. Started in FY14 as an Ecommerce Marketplace ( for Retailers/Brands and today one of India’s Leading and Popular E-commerce B2B IT Solutions company.

4. Founding & Leadership Team consists of Ecommerce and IT industry experts with a vision to achieve and deliver the best end user and client experience.

5. Rated by Economic Times: Among Top 50 Digital Brands in the e-commerce category.

6. Many Leading Brands and 5,000 more have shown trust and continue to use platform to run their ecommerce stores.

Support System for ShoppingOwn Partner:-

1. Online Support

2. Technology Team

3. Delivery Team

4. Design Team

Franchise Programme Details :-

1. Master Franchisee and Franchisee will have exclusive rights for their geographical areas of location authorized for the duration of agreement i.e. If ShoppingOwn appoints a new Franchisee in the authorized area of Master Franchisee, that will be attached under MF only.

2.Same is the case for Franchisees who will get exclusive rights for the geographical area. If MF or ShoppingOwn needs to appoint a Channel Partner in the authorized geographical area of the Franchisee, the same will be appointed under Franchisee only.

3.Franchisee can make the sale of ShoppingOwn packages to Stores directly and can also appoint the Channel Partners under it in the authorized geographical area of location.

4.Channel Partners act like agents in the geographical area of operation authorized and do NOT have exclusive rights for the business generated in their region. They get paid for the business generated by them directly.

5. MF and ShoppingOwn can also appoint the Channel Partners directly and can sell the Packages too directly in the geographical area where a MF/Franchisee has not been appointed yet. After appointing MF/Franchisee, the business generated in exclusive area of MF/Franchisee needs to be linked to MF/Franchisee only. 

Benefits of being a Partner:-

1. Marketing and Business Development

  • Partner Kit (Marketing proposals, Leaflets , Logo, Banners, Product Brochures)
  • Website : Partner Profile And Activities
  • Visiting Cards
  • Event Support , Localized/national marketing

2. Sales

  • Partner Sales kit
  • Sales Support (Sales Executive Support)
  • Post Sales-Support(Delivery team)
  • Performance Based Incentive Campaign
  • Leads Generation Support
  • Branding and Promotion ar Org/region level and appoint even the direct F/CP under The partner

3. Technical Support

  • Access to knowledge Repository and Platform updates
  • Product Road Map
  • Weekly Newsletter Communication
  • Regular Feedback Retrieval
  • Acess to CRM tools to manage Lead/Accounts
  • Dashboard to Monitor Partner’s Performance

4. Training and Knowledge

  • FID (Franchise Information Docket)
  • Web Seminars
  • Training Modules(Classroom & Online)
  • Sales Pitch Training
  • On-Site Training on platform know-how
  • Certification and Monthly exams

Other Adavntages of Brand Franchise

Advantages of Brand Franchise Business :-

  • Low Cost & High Return Business
  • 24*7 Brand Support
  • Established brand
  • We believe in 100% transparency
  • Unlimited Growth Opportunity
  • Quick ROI.
  • Staff Training and support by Brand
  • Help in Marketing


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Franchise Investment Requirements:

Single Unit :

(A) Master Franchise - INR 5 L (B) Franchise- 2L (C) Channel Partner - INR 50 K

Franchise Fee :

(A) Master Franchise - INR 5 L (B) Franchise- 2L (C) Channel Partner - INR 50 K

Equipments :

Not Applicable

Furniture And Fixtures:

Standard Office Setup

Advertising / Marketing :

At Franchisee End

Expected Pay Back Period:

8 - 10 Months

The Expected Return 
On Investment To The Franchisee:

(A) Master Franchise - 40% (B) Franchise- 30% (C) Channel Partner - 20%

Any Other Investment Needed:


Looking Expansion In Areas:

Pan India


Franchisee Training Details:

Field  Assistance Available  For  Franchisees:


Franchise  Traning programme:


Detailed  Operating Manuals  For Franchisees:


Need of IT System:


Assistance  From Head Office To Franchisee:


Franchise Investment Requirements:

Required Property For This Franchise Opportunity:


Required  Floor Area:

150 Sq Feet - 250 Sq Feet

Preferred  Location  For Unit  Franchise:

Easy Approachable

Office  Staff Required:


Computer  / System :


Internet  Connection :

Yes it compulsory

Franchise Website Details:


Website Url

Franchisee Other Details:

Have  standard Franchise  Agreement:


Franchise  Term:

3 Years (Renewable)

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