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Robotix Lab Research Academy

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Robotix Lab Research Academy
Category : Education
Established : 2013
Started : 2013
Brand Outlets : 1
Investment : 8 Lacs

Business Details

Robotix Lab Research Academy was started with the sole aim of taking "THE TECHNOLOGY OF THE NEXT GENERATION" to people of all age groups and across all financial backgrounds. It was realized that there was a very high level of ignorance on Robotics in our country while the same field saw development by leaps and bounds in other countries. Thus it was decided that the best way to solve this problem of ignorance could only be solved if it was tackled right from the grassroots’ level.

Robotix Lab Research Academy is a group of young, energetic, dynamic and likeminded people filled with great enthusiasm for learning and sharing the knowledge acquired. The members of Robotix Lab Research Academy have a strong boding amongst themselves and the entire team is more like a family ready to help each other out from any problems encountered. It is the same zeal, passion and like-mindedness that Robotix Lab Research Academy expects in an individual/team who want to associate with us.

Education on Robotics is not seen as anything beyond a hobby. Robotix Lab Research Academy has taken a bold step forward and is making a serious effort ever since November 2008 to make sure that Robotics is seen as a serious subject to learn as the future certainly depends on Robotics and Automation. So far the response to this effort by Robotix Lab Research Academy has been welcoming and based on this response further research on improving the quality, content and the methodology involved in the teaching learning process has been initiated and the various programs offered have taken shape

Products and Services:
Robotics coaching for school children:

  • Classical robotics
  • Lego Robotics
  • Setting up robotics labs

Robotics coaching for college students:

  • Launchpad Robotix
  • Embedded Robotix
      -Embedded Robotix level - 1
      -Embedded Robotix level - 2
      -Embedded Robotix level - 3
  • Mobile Robotix
  • Robotix Arm
  • Industrial Robotix
  • Home Automation Robotix
  • Robotix RC car
  • Arduino Robotix
  • Control Robotix

Ideal Franchisee Profile:

  • Entrepreneurs with sufficient educational background with effective communication skills to convey and convince parents, schools, students and other key step holders with skills to play sub roles with include ordering supplies, meetings with the customers and vendors, preparing payroll, resolving discrepancies etc
  • Bring in investment for initial setup to center
  • Adequate time to invest in the business
  • Proactive to understand how to system works

 The Extensive Support Structure from Robotix Lab Research Academy:

  • The franchisor will assist in site in setting up lab fully equipped to begin with after school program in center activation programs where students visit the center for learning with all necessary arrangement for smooth process.
  • The franchiser will actively support franchises in hiring and recruitment of efficient and skilled staff
  • The franchiser will conduct training program covering operations, administration, accounts management and marketing, initial and regular training program would be conducted for the teaching staff
  • The franchiser will assist franchisees in organizing of pre-event launch activities and events printed material like brochures, pamphlets, files banners etc. Shall be provided on cost basis.

Franchise Investment Requirements:

Single Unit :

8 Lacs

Brand Fee :

5 lacs

Equipments :

Included In Investment

Furniture And Fixtures:

Included In Investment

Advertising / Marketing :

Included In Investment

Expected Pay Back Period:

1 Year

The Expected Return 
On Investment To The Franchisee:


Any Other Investment Needed:


Looking Expansion In Areas:

Pan India

Franchisee Training Details:

Field  Assistance Available  For  Franchisees:


Franchise  Traning programme:


Detailed  Operating Manuals  For Franchisees:


Need of IT System:


Assistance  From Head Office To Franchisee:


Franchise Investment Requirements:

Required Property For This Franchise Opportunity:


Required  Floor Area:


Preferred  Location  For Unit  Franchise:

Easy Approachable

Office  Staff Required:


Computer  / System :


Internet  Connection :


Franchise Website Details:


Website Url

Franchisee Other Details:

Have standard Franchise Agreement:


Franchise Term:

3 Years

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